The Bar

Caparezza was inspired by my love for the traditional Italian espresso bar. The atmosphere that the bar has is because of its patrons and is most important. People from all walks of life, lawyers, politicians, tradesmen, students and corporates all rub shoulders as they take their position at the bar whilst downing their espresso and breakfast.

A quick exchange with one another and an update on life from the baristas and they are off. The chatter and banter, the clinking of crockery and the sounds from the bar and the coffee machine.

All of the above builds the feeling of family, community and strength, the support they need to get them through the day.

And then there is the espresso, oh how you have missed it since the same time yesterday.

The liquid gold, the oil of life that lubricates our minds and sparks our imaginations because as we say, “la vita inizia dopo il caffé, or life begins after coffee”.

Our traditional Italian blend is not too dark, not too light. Enough body to give you that slap in the face you need whilst comforting you at the same time. Just enough caramel and the right balance of bitterness we need. This little drink will get the saliva flowing for that bite you are about to take from your pastry or biscotto.

Because I loved this daily ritual so much I gave the bar a name that I loved just as much, Caparezza Espresso Bar.

The word Caparezza comes from the dialect spoken in my family’s town Molfetta, the dialect-Molfettese. The word translates to “curly head”, my daughter Isabella’s nickname.

My Daughters and Isabella’s tiny curls drive me to succeed every day.

So this is my interpretation on what I think an Italian espresso bar should look like in Australia.

I have drawn on all of my experiences, work history, rich family traditions, craving for good times with friends and of course my lust for amazing coffee to bring you Caparezza Espresso Bar.